Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Busy Day

Part 1.

The day started with us dropping Caroline off at my dad's while the rest of us headed to Tulsa. Kayla participated on the OMTA District Achievement Auditions for piano today. This took place on the campus of Oral Roberts University. Kayla had to have her picture taken in front of the hands.

If you look really close you can see her standing at the base of the hands!

This is Kayla right before she played. She was not nervous until we got there. It worked out really well that her teacher was working at one of the rooms next to the room Kayla was going to play in. She was able to give her some last minute words of encouragement.

After she played her piece, she came out into the room where we were waiting. All she said was "I tried my best not to just run out of the room when I finished." It took a few minutes to get the score. Here are the comments her judge made: (my scanner is not working)

"Very musical performance - Thanks! With fine attention to all details of the musical score. Thanks too for being a good counter. You have made excellent progress for only 6 months of study - Good for you! Please continue to practice carefully to develop your fine musical talents.
Rating: 1+ "

We are really proud of her. She will play in the state audition in Oklahoma City in May. This is a very relieved little girl because it is finally over!

We took our starving child to IHOP for a healthy chocolate chip pancake breakfast. It was so sweet and sickening that even Kayla could not finish it!

Part 2.

Andy went to work for the afternoon. The girls and I headed to the park on a VERY windy afternoon. They had a great time playing, running, climbing, and swinging.

Part 3.

Last night I decided to take the binkies away from Caroline. We talked all day about her going to bed like a big girl with no binkies. She went along with it all day. That night she cried in her bed, but it was for a book or a stuffed animal. Never for the binky. She was finally quiet. We were so glad she went to sleep without too much trouble. Meanwhile, we can't get Kayla to stay in her room and go to bed. We kept hearing footsteps. I thought Kayla was hiding from us. But standing in the dark kitchen by the back door was little Miss Caroline. We asked her if Kayla got her out of bed. Her response was "No." So we asked her how she got out of bed. She said "Me. I put my leg over." She finally went to sleep in her crib, but only until 5:30 this morning. During nap time she climbed out of her bed again. She never went to sleep. I needed a nap from being up that early! comes the toddler bed. My friend Robyn gave us one several years ago. It has been in the storage shed until today. Caroline was very excited. But if you ask Andy, she was not that excited about actually sleeping in it.

This was Caroline at 7:30 tonight when I was leaving the house. She is so cute in her new bed reading her book. Thing are looking good.
I had to leave, so Andy got to get her to sleep in her big girl bed. It took about 1.5 hours, but this is what I found when I got home. She is getting so big!

She looks so sweet. Surely she did not give her daddy any trouble...