Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 12

On March 25th Kayla had to take a volcano to school.  So the week before we started working on it.  I love how these school projects always require so much parent involvement.  Here are Kayla and Andy ready to begin.

They used a product called Great Stuff which required the mask, gloves, and eye protection.  Andy sprayed it all around the 2 liter of Diet Coke.

After it hardened it was time for Kayla to spray paint her project.

We did a trial in the driveway just so Kayla could make sure she was able to get it to work.  The girls enjoyed the left overs.

On that Friday all of the kids brought their projects to school.  Two of the classes took theirs outside to "explode."  They had a great time watching and cheering as everyone took their turn to show off their work.

Kayla was a little upset with her project.  2 or 3 of her Mentos did not fall in the bottle.  The explosion at home was so much bigger.  I think she still had to highest explosion of all of the projects we saw at  school.

Friday night Kayla's hip hop class danced at a Tulsa 66ers basketball game.  It ended up being a really nice family night out.

 It was not very crowded!


Caroline had a great time going up and down the stairs, and back and forth on every aisle around us. In that video clip she could not decide if she wanted to walk or dance.  At the beginning of the game they showed her up on the big screen.  She was at her seat dancing up a storm.  It was super cute.  And then I showed her that she was on the screen.  She quickly quit dancing and started crying.  She did not want her picture up there!