Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yard Work

It was wonderful weather for working in the yard today. Kayla helped Andy mow the yard on our fancy new mower. It is never to early to put the kids to work! Kayla had a lot of fun.

Friday, April 18, 2008

This is for Aunt Kathryn

Ok - I tried to take another picture of the fish. It was really hard to see in the other pictures. Kayla thinks this is a cute picture of him. Hopefully it is easier to see.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kayla is a Pet Owner!!!

Kayla has been wanting a pet for a long time now. As you all know, she has been begging us for a puppy. Since Uncle Steve refused to send Elfy home with us, we had to get Kayla a different pet. She decided she wanted a fish. She spent $28 of her own money on her new fish, Thomas. She is very proud of him, and has done a great job of remembering to feed him. He is still alive and it has been almost a full week. I think that is pretty good!

I know these pictures are terrible, but I was having some difficulties!
By the way, Andy's job is going well. I think he already has quite a work load. But, he has been home at 5:30 or 5:45 every day this week! I like his new job.

Monday, April 14, 2008

First Day of Work - updated at 12:45

Today is Andy's first day at his new job. He was excited, but I think a little bit nervous too. He was at his other job so long that it is really strange for him to be going somewhere else.

I just got a text from him. He has a corner office with windows on 2 walls. He says he has a really nice view. It is almost 8:30, and there are 2 ladies in the office but none of the professionals are there yet. It could be an interesting first day.

****Update #1

About 8:45 some of the other people started showing up. He said they are all really nice. I talked to him at about 11:30, and they were taking him to lunch. As far as work, I know he put his own chair together and was trying to get his computer set up.


I don't really need to say much about this picture. She is a little girl who really enjoys a good cookie. I am pretty sure that she got more on her face than in her mouth.

Watch Week

So, we survived Andy's week of unemployment. I don't think the week went as he thought it would, but I am sure he enjoyed the time off.

Because he was not working, he was able to attend his first watch week at the dance studio. Kayla was very excited about him being there. Kayla has ballet and tap on Monday. We usually carpool with our neighbor, Robyn, but we took separate cars this time. We both happened to back out of our driveways at the same time. We are following behind her as she is driving in the left hand lane. All of a sudden the guy in the right hand land decides he is going to make a left turn from the right lane - running right into Robyn. I could not believe it. To top it off, he keeps on going. We got the license plate of the truck, and then checked on Robyn and the girls. They were all fine. Andy stayed with her until the police and the tow truck came and I took the girls on to dance. I think Andy, Robyn and Bob all got to the studio with about 15 minutes left in the class. They will just have to wait until recital.

The trip to the studio for jazz and tumbling was a little less eventful.

She is doing a really good job in all of her classes. She always amazes me with how well she knows her dances. However, she told me the other day "I don't think I should participate in dance anymore. I just want to do cheerleading." We will have to work that one out later.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Em's Day off

We decided last night that Friday (today) would be Emily's vacation. She could sleep late and relax. That also means that I take over her blog, but she doesn't know that yet.

She makes fun of some of my work habits, but I know she is much the same.
For example: delegation

I struggle delegating tasks to others because I know they will screw it up and I can do it better and faster.

This morning I have Kayla up and dressed an hour before the bus arrives. Emily still gets up and makes sure we are getting ready. I think she was surprised, and reminds me when the bus comes.

Then 20 minutes later she comes out to remind me to get Kayla a jacket. Why doesn't she sleep late?

I emphatically tell her to go back to bed. I've got it covered.

End of story...Both girls were fed. Kayla got on the bus with her backpack. Too bad Em didn't sleep late.

And I forgot to give Kayla a jacket.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Different Life

We have had such a great weekend. Andy's last day of work was on Friday. However, he still managed to bring work home. Only Andy. I think he is nuts, but I understand why he did it. Anyway, he finished that up late Friday night when I was at my neighbor's house. He called me singing "I'm unemployed!" He sounded like a huge weight had been lifted. I am really happy for him.

Before the girls went to bed Friday night, Caroline spent the evening making us laugh. She was walking around with a purse on her arm (which had her car keys in it) talking away on her toy cell phone. And she was having some serious conversations and really nodding her head. It was really cute. I was trying to take pictures of her, but she would always walk away from me. Here is one I got of her before we managed to get a clip in her hair. She was having a good time.

Saturday morning Andy let me sleep late. He took the girls to get breakfast and then to the store. That was absolutely wonderful.

Kayla had a soccer game in the afternoon. Sue came to stay with Caroline, so I was actually able to watch the game.

That picture makes me laugh. I caught Kayla just as she was turning to yell at someone.

After the game, Andy and Kayla put some ribs on the grill. While they were cooking, Kayla got to fly her new kite. This is her first time to have a kite. She really had a good time.

It was really nice having Andy home all day, and not once was he stressed about work. What a great day!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I realize this post is a little bit late, but here goes. After our 11 hour trip home from Houston, Andy and Kayla had a little bit of time to decorate eggs. He really enjoys doing this with her.

On Easter morning, we had an egg hunt at our house before we went to church. It was a long process for Caroline. She would find an egg, shake it, take it to her blue couch by the front door, sit down, open the egg, examine the candy, and put the egg back in her basket. If she could figure out how to open the candy in order to eat it - she would. Then it was time to go find the next egg. Kayla was a really good helper. She made sure Caroline's basket was full.

Ater church we went to my dad's house for lunch. All of the kids have an egg hunt outside. Kayla loves Easter with her cousins.

Caroline was a pro after about the first minute of hunting.

Here are all of the kids after the hunt.

Caroline, Kayla, Isabel, Nicholas, Olivia

It was a really nice day. The kids had a wonderful time together and the food was delicious. Thank you, Sue, for all that you do to make these gatherings so nice.