Monday, April 14, 2008

First Day of Work - updated at 12:45

Today is Andy's first day at his new job. He was excited, but I think a little bit nervous too. He was at his other job so long that it is really strange for him to be going somewhere else.

I just got a text from him. He has a corner office with windows on 2 walls. He says he has a really nice view. It is almost 8:30, and there are 2 ladies in the office but none of the professionals are there yet. It could be an interesting first day.

****Update #1

About 8:45 some of the other people started showing up. He said they are all really nice. I talked to him at about 11:30, and they were taking him to lunch. As far as work, I know he put his own chair together and was trying to get his computer set up.


Darlene said...

Em, so glad for the update. We are all praying and expecting good things from this change.

It is normal to be nervous on a first day. So many unknowns and changes in routines and people.

Keep us posted.

Aunt Kathryn said...

Dan and I are so happy for Andy. Sounds like the new change is going to be good!

Amy said...

I am so happy for Andy. It sounds like he had a great first day!

robynsbowtique said...

Wow, I am happy for him. I could not believe he was home by the time I brought Kayla home from dance. I hope that is a standard for every night.