Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Different Life

We have had such a great weekend. Andy's last day of work was on Friday. However, he still managed to bring work home. Only Andy. I think he is nuts, but I understand why he did it. Anyway, he finished that up late Friday night when I was at my neighbor's house. He called me singing "I'm unemployed!" He sounded like a huge weight had been lifted. I am really happy for him.

Before the girls went to bed Friday night, Caroline spent the evening making us laugh. She was walking around with a purse on her arm (which had her car keys in it) talking away on her toy cell phone. And she was having some serious conversations and really nodding her head. It was really cute. I was trying to take pictures of her, but she would always walk away from me. Here is one I got of her before we managed to get a clip in her hair. She was having a good time.

Saturday morning Andy let me sleep late. He took the girls to get breakfast and then to the store. That was absolutely wonderful.

Kayla had a soccer game in the afternoon. Sue came to stay with Caroline, so I was actually able to watch the game.

That picture makes me laugh. I caught Kayla just as she was turning to yell at someone.

After the game, Andy and Kayla put some ribs on the grill. While they were cooking, Kayla got to fly her new kite. This is her first time to have a kite. She really had a good time.

It was really nice having Andy home all day, and not once was he stressed about work. What a great day!


Jenny James said...

Hopefully a start of a new, more relaxed life. Andy, it's time to learn to enjoy life. Don't work so hard... remember you don't want those docs to expect much out of you. Save all of your best energy for your 3 girls back home. They'll always appreciate you more than any employer or client ever could.

Darlene said...

Andy definitely sounded happy when we talked with him Saturday. Enjoy the week of unemployment.
There is nothing to add to Jenny's advice.

I love the soccer pictures. Kayla obviously was having fun. The pic of Caroline on the phone is so cute.

sunni said...

It was great seeing all of you in Dallas. I had a great time and hope to see y'all more often now that we'll be living in Dallas.

Congratulations on the unemployment. I love that free time in between jobs:)

robynsbowtique said...

How cute Caroline is with her purse and phone, what a big girl! Looks like Kayla had fun with her kite. I'm glad Andy is getting some down time.