Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sick Day

Poor Kayla.  She woke up this morning and told me she did not feel well.  Her temperature was just over 100.  I was very tempted to send her to school anyway, but I kept her home.  I am glad I did.  Her temperature has stayed around 102-103 all day.  Tonight she threw up.  Looks like she will be spending the day with me again tomorrow.  I hope she feels better soon.  I guess there is something going around.  I know that several kids from Kayla's class have been sick, and it is all over Facebook.  The joys of going back to school and sharing germs with friends!

Caroline, on the other hand....
is bouncing off the walls.  She was begging to be sick until she saw Kayla throw up.  Now she does not want to touch her.  However, she made it extremely clear to me this morning that she feels it is unfair that she has to go to school and Kayla gets to stay home.  I guess I will start preparing myself tonight for that battle again in the morning.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kayla Sue

Kayla Sue.  She is such a unique individual.  I am proud of her for not wanting to be just like everyone else.  She is not afraid to do her own thing.  Even at a brand new school.  Here is her outfit for school today.

And I can't take a picture of Kayla without also taking a picture of Caroline.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rough Morning

Today was a harder day for my sweet Caroline.  The entire car ride to school she was saying, in a tearful voice, "Please don't make me go."  She held onto me so tightly as we waited to go to class.  When we got to her class she went right in.  I think she has a good time at school, but the mornings are rough.  I already feel bad for moving them away from all of their friends just because I wanted a bigger house.  Any indication of sadness from either one of them really gets to me.

Tonight we found out that her "boyfriend", Alex, and her best friend from pre-k, Acree, are in the same class.  As soon as she found out she started crying.  Then she tells me "Acree is in Alex's class and we are all spread out."  Kind of breaks a mom's heart.  I know she will adjust and be just fine.  She has already made a friend in her new class.  We find out next Wednesday if she has to move to a new class.  I hope that she and her new friend get to stay together.  She has had enough new stuff in the last few months!

Monday, August 15, 2011

School Days

The girls have gone to 3 days of school now.  Kayla says it feels like she has been there her entire life, except she does not know where anything is.  She made a friend on the first day of school when she was in PE class.  There are actually 4 kids in Kayla's class that are brand new to the school.  She met another girl on Friday when she needed to go to the nurse's office.  She did not know how to get there.  The teacher had another girl show her the way.  It appears that Kayla has some poison ivy.  A great way to start off the new school year!

She got in the car today so excited about her art class.  I am excited that they have an art class!  At her old school the art teacher would just come into their classroom every few weeks.  It sounds like they will get to do some really neat things.  She is still not sure about her teacher.  I think she will be a good teacher.  It seems like she may just be a little strict.  She has a "procedure" for everything.  Only time will tell....

Caroline seems to be doing fine.  She told me she made a friend on the first day of school.  She does not know her name, but that is very typical of Caroline.  She was more than happy to go back to school on Friday.  She was not as thrilled to go today, but she went right in.  I have not been able to get much info out of her.  She seems to like her new school and her new teachers.  They did send home a note today.  The classes are larger than they would like them to be.  They are forming a new class and are asking for volunteers to move to that class.  I am not going to volunteer.  I think Caroline has had enough change for a while.  She may get moved anyway.

They both seem very happy which is a great relief to me.  I was so stressed about moving them.  I am so glad to have those first few days out of the way!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School - Drop Off

 The first day of school has arrived!  Caroline woke up on her own a little before 7 this morning.  Andy and Caroline woke Kayla up shortly after that with a beautiful rendition of "School Days."  The girls started their day with a breakfast of eggs, toast, strawberries, and milk.

 Then I have to make an attempt at some pictures.  Both girls were pretty excited.

I took Kayla to Justice this year to get her backpack.  She has used the same one for 3 years.  Caroline found one she just had to have.

Kayla chose this cute messenger bag.  We probably saw 10 other girls just on our way into the building this morning with this same bag!

Andy took off work so he could take them to school.  We got there early and just hung out in the car for a while.

When that got old we went and joined the rest of the people in line.  I have never had to stand in line to get into a school before.  This is so different from Lone Star.

We headed to Caroline's class first.  She put her lunch box up and then went to put her backpack in a cubby.  I told her to turn around so I could get her picture.  This other girl had just walked out of the room, and she turned around and went and stood by Caroline for the picture.  So, here is Caroline and a new friend, Taylor.

When we left her she was happily doing a puzzle.

Next, we took Kayla to her class.  I could not get her to look at me once we stepped in the room.  She is just getting too big to have her mom hanging around.  Andy was getting a little frustrated with me because I wanted to take a picture.  I had to point out to him that at least I did not sit down at her desk like the lady in this picture!

Andy and I went to a movie this morning.  I needed to keep busy so I would not worry about them all day.  I can't wait to find out how their day was.  That will be the next post!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet the Teacher

 I can't believe it, but it is time for the new school year.  The girls are heading to a new school this year.  We are all a little nervous, but I think it is mostly me that is concerned!

All of the school supplies have been purchased.  Both girls picked out a back pack, lunch box, and water bottle.  They are ready to go.  This is by far the fewest amount of school supplies I have ever had to purchase.

Caroline's Supplies

 Kayla's Supplies

 This morning we loaded up all of our supplies and went to meet the teachers. 

My 4th grader

 My Kindergartener

We went to Caroline's class first.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. McCracken.  She seems to be very nice, and she has been teaching Kindergarten for a long time.  There is also an aide in the classroom.  As of today there were 22 kids in her class.  Caroline had fun exploring her new classroom.

We somehow managed to find our way to Kayla's class.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. West.  Kayla was a little upset when she saw which teacher she had.  She has met maybe 3 kids in Bixby, and they all told her that was the mean teacher.  She was really sweet to Kayla.  She was telling Kayla not to stress out about the first day of school.  She would go over all of the rules and procedures as if all of the kids were new.  She also told Kayla she would find her a buddy.  I just hope Kayla has a good first day.  She is the one I am mostly worried about.  Here she is putting her supplies in her desk.

We were at the school for about 1 1/2 hours.  We had to buy a planner for Kayla, buy a yearbook, put money in their lunch accounts, get their ID cards, and buy some stuff from the PTA.  I was ready to walk around and explore the school some more, but the girls were tired and hungry.  I felt so lost when I was in there.  It is a much larger school than we are used to.  It is pre-k to 4th grade and they have over 950 students.  It was crowded when we were there and I still don't know where anything is.  It will be like I have never been there before when we take the girls on the first day.

Meanwhile...2 of my sister's kids have been in town.  Kayla and Caroline have had a great time playing with Tyler and Shelby.  Today was the last day of their visit.  They will head to the airport in the morning.
Wish us luck.  The girls will start school on Thursday.  Andy is off work the rest of the week.  It will be great having him there for the first day of school.  I am going to have to keep myself busy that day.  I will be so anxious to find out how the day went!