Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet the Teacher

 I can't believe it, but it is time for the new school year.  The girls are heading to a new school this year.  We are all a little nervous, but I think it is mostly me that is concerned!

All of the school supplies have been purchased.  Both girls picked out a back pack, lunch box, and water bottle.  They are ready to go.  This is by far the fewest amount of school supplies I have ever had to purchase.

Caroline's Supplies

 Kayla's Supplies

 This morning we loaded up all of our supplies and went to meet the teachers. 

My 4th grader

 My Kindergartener

We went to Caroline's class first.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. McCracken.  She seems to be very nice, and she has been teaching Kindergarten for a long time.  There is also an aide in the classroom.  As of today there were 22 kids in her class.  Caroline had fun exploring her new classroom.

We somehow managed to find our way to Kayla's class.  Her teacher's name is Mrs. West.  Kayla was a little upset when she saw which teacher she had.  She has met maybe 3 kids in Bixby, and they all told her that was the mean teacher.  She was really sweet to Kayla.  She was telling Kayla not to stress out about the first day of school.  She would go over all of the rules and procedures as if all of the kids were new.  She also told Kayla she would find her a buddy.  I just hope Kayla has a good first day.  She is the one I am mostly worried about.  Here she is putting her supplies in her desk.

We were at the school for about 1 1/2 hours.  We had to buy a planner for Kayla, buy a yearbook, put money in their lunch accounts, get their ID cards, and buy some stuff from the PTA.  I was ready to walk around and explore the school some more, but the girls were tired and hungry.  I felt so lost when I was in there.  It is a much larger school than we are used to.  It is pre-k to 4th grade and they have over 950 students.  It was crowded when we were there and I still don't know where anything is.  It will be like I have never been there before when we take the girls on the first day.

Meanwhile...2 of my sister's kids have been in town.  Kayla and Caroline have had a great time playing with Tyler and Shelby.  Today was the last day of their visit.  They will head to the airport in the morning.
Wish us luck.  The girls will start school on Thursday.  Andy is off work the rest of the week.  It will be great having him there for the first day of school.  I am going to have to keep myself busy that day.  I will be so anxious to find out how the day went!

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darlene said...

I thought about you all yesterday but knew you were busy with school visits and cousins' last day so delayed the call until later.

Everyone will survive and thrive --even Mom! I'm glad Andy is off to be part of the new activities.