Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Texas Vacation (Part One)

Andy took a week off of work so we could go to Texas.  We headed out super early on Saturday morning (June 30).  The drive to Houston takes forever with two restless children in the car.  I love DVD players and snack boxes!

The girls were so excited to see Taylor, Tyler and Shelby.
And we can't forget about their dog, Bo.

 On Sunday we headed to the beach.  My kids had never seen the ocean so they were pretty excited.  The bad weather did not really bother them.  I think it probably rained half of the time we were there.  They got to play for a little bit, and then we would sit in the car.  I guess the good thing is that there were no crowds and we did not get sunburned!

Caroline loved jumping the waves with her daddy.  I was really shocked.  I did not think she would like being in the salty water.  I was wrong!

Kayla also loved it!  That did not surprise me at all.

 The family

I just think this is a sweet picture of Caroline with her Aunt Amy.

So there was this nasty seaweed stuff all over the place.   Naturally, they have to throw it at each other.


 The weather was not great, but we all had a good time.  It was a good first visit to the beach.

 Monday we drove around the old neighborhood.  Here is the house I grew up in. 

 Taylor and Kayla

Shelby and Caroline

Tyler and Caroline

Goofy girls having fun with my camera

Monday night we went to Shelby's swim meet.  I loved it!  It brings back great memories for me. 

It was HOT!!!

Go Shelby!  And that age group mom is doing a fantastic job!

 We had a great time in Houston.  We got up early on Tuesday morning for the next part of our Tour of Texas. 

To be continued...