Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Blog Post!!!! Santa Visit

I was politely told I needed to update my blog.  Yes, I am very behind.  So here is my shout-out to all of the Aunts.  This is for you.

Our visit to Santa seems like a good place to start.  Both girls were excited to see him.  Caroline was more than happy to sit on his lap and have her picture made, but she did not have too much to say to him.  She did tell him that she wants a Baby Alive that eats and drinks.  I am sad to say Santa told me he will probably not be bringing that to her.  Kayla is doing a test this year.  She is not telling us what she told Santa she wants for Christmas.  We will see what happens with that.

After our visit to Santa we went to Rhema Bible College to look at the lights.  They do a beautiful display every year.  We did get out and walk around this year, but it was a quick tour.  It was freezing cold outside and we were not in our warmest clothes.

Maybe I need to make a New Year's resolution to do more blogging.