Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caroline's 5 Year Doctor Visit

My baby girl is now 5.  I can't believe it!  I might eventually do a post about her birthday if I ever get caught up.  Yesterday she went for her 5 year doctor visit.  It was a good one because there were no shots involved.

Here are her stats:  32.9 pounds (7th percentile....yay...on the charts!!!)
                              41.3 inches (25th percentile)

She has grown like a weed this year.  She has always been at less than 3%, so we are all pretty excited about her growth.  She had her hearing and vision tested.  She passed the hearing test, but did not do great on her vision test.  She tested at 20/40.  The doctor is sending her to a pediatric opthamologist.  I was not prepared for that one.  We will see what happens.

She also has a strange bump on her wrist.  The doctor said it does not look bad like skin cancer, but he does not know what it is.  He is sending her to a dermatologist.

Other than those minor things, she is doing great.  I am just in denial about how grown up she is getting.