Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week Four

Four weeks with a blog entry...I can't believe it!  We started off the week with a little birthday celebration for my grandma.  She was celebrating her 94th birthday.  We had a small little gathering at the nursing home.  Andy made it back to town just in time to join us.  He had gone to Waco for the weekend to watch a couple of Baylor basketball games.  (Thank goodness Baylor won both of their games!)

 Happy Birthday Granny!

Kayla and Nic

Granny and the kids all looking at her cards

 This week Caroline's class went on a field trip to the bank.  Sounds like a strange trip for a pre-k class, but I was told they had a good time.  A friend of mine is actually the one at the bank that showed the kids around.  I am sure she made it fun.  All Caroline told me was that they got to eat popcorn.

Kayla got to go on a bowling field trip.  I went along on this trip.  They had a great time bowling, eating, and spending time NOT in class.

 The bowlers in Kayla's lane:  Kaylie, Kayla, Morgan and Emori

Enjoying a snack 

Doing a little bowling

Kaylie and Kayla

Kayla's is the 2nd "K".  She actually won the first game.

Libby and Kayla

OK - I am so glad I got this picture.  That way everyone can see who is starting to drive me nuts.  These are some boys in Kayla's class.  The one on the left in Tanner.  Kayla has been in class with him since she was 2.  He must have told me ten times while we were at the bowling alley that he is in love with Kaylie (Kayla's friend).  And those are his words.  I can't believe all of this stuff is starting already!  The one in the middle is Andrew.  This is the boy that Kayla is always on facetime with.  We have had to put some hour restrictions on facetime for him.  He has called Kayla at 11:00 pm.  He has also called as early as 6:30 am.  Based on an email that he sent her today (a picture of himself with a heart around it with A+K), I would say that Andrew has a little crush on my daughter.  I am just grateful that these girls are smart enough to not be interested in these boys.  There will be plenty of time for that later...when they are at least 30!!!

Have a great week!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Week Three

 I am finally doing my post for this last week.  It was an exhausting week.  Caroline started running a fever on Saturday.  They were out of school on Monday for MLK day, and Caroline was just a lump on the couch.  Her fever got up to 103.2 that afternoon.  Tuesday her fever went back up to 103.4.  Since she was going to be missing school for 2 days and with her temp getting so high 2 days in a row, I decided I would take her to the doctor the next day.  Wednesday morning arrived and the fever was gone.  We headed to the doctor anyway.  I figured if nothing else, I could get her cough checked out.  She has had a horrible cough since the beginning of December.  They did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  The doctor said she probably had a virus and a sinus infection.  She was given an antibiotic and we went home.  The fever came back that afternoon.  Luckily, there was no school on Thursday or Friday due to weather (and illness).  There were 118 kids absent at their school on Wednesday.  That is an entire grade level!  This gave Caroline a few more days to feel better without having to miss school.

So...on to the snow day.  We did not get much snow - maybe an inch or so.  I was happy that the kids were not begging to go outside first thing that morning.  We did eventually head out for a few minutes.  Caroline was still not feeling well and it was so cold.  We were not out there very long.

Here are the girls in their cute hats Nanny and Papa got them in Alaska.

 Nothing like a little taste...

 She was trying to scrape up enough for a snowball, but this was not the right kind of snow for that.

So, she just threw it in the air.

I try to not put pictures of myself on here, but here I am "enjoying" the beautiful weather.  I am not a fan of the cold!

Caroline making a snow angel on the driveway.

Now it is Kayla's turn.

 Kayla attempted to do a little ice skating

 That did not work out so well....

 Warming up with a little hot chocolate

They had a good time playing outside, but they did not complain at all when I told them it was time to go inside!

Friday night Kayla went to a birthday party.  They all went to a spa and got manicures and pedicures.  This was Kayla's first time to do that.  She was so excited and had a wonderful time.  She is very pleased with her nails.
Until next week...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week Two

Andy and I had a great weekend.  Maybe I should change that to I had a great weekend.  We went to see 'Burn the Floor' yesterday.  It is one of the Broadway shows that are a part of our season tickets.  I love going to the shows, and this was no exception.  It was 2 hours of solid dancing - Latin and Ballroom.  It was wonderful.  I asked Andy during intermission if he was enjoying the show.  His response "Well, it's better than a kick in the head."  I should have taken Kayla with me.  She would have liked it.  He did tell me later that a lot of things are better than a kick in the head.  I think he enjoyed it, but he has not said as much.  We managed to go to dinner and a movie that same night.  We saw True Grit.  That was a great movie.  Caroline was at grandma's house, and Kayla was at a slumber party.  Here is a pic of all of the girls at the party.

She had a great time.  They stayed up until nearly 3 in the morning!  It was a fun day for everyone.

Kayla had a dance contest on Saturday morning before the sleepover.  It was more of a fundraiser than a contest.  It is for the American Cancer Society.  We paid $15 for her to attend and she got a t-shirt.  She did her hip-hop routine - which is a group number.  All I will say is that they need a lot more practice!  They have judges that critique them, but they do not give out awards.  Instead all of the proceeds go to cancer research.  It was kind of nice not being nervous or feeling any stress at a dance contest.

I hope everyone has a great week.  The kids are out of school tomorrow for MLK day, so I need to figure out something fun for us to do.  Until next week...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week One

I am off to a good start with the whole blogging thing this year!  We have had a good week here.  Kayla and her cousin Olivia got sewing machines for Christmas.  They got together with Grandma Sue last Saturday for their first project.  They were going to start off with something easy.  Both girls are brand new to sewing.  They took a 1 1/2 hour class which pretty much just introduced them to the machine and how to take care of it.  This was their first time to make something.  They decided they wanted to make a purse.  Grandma got a pattern and some material, and they got started.  The girls had a great time.

They worked really hard for several hours, but they did not have enough time to finish.  They made plans to get together the next Saturday (yesterday) to finish.  Meanwhile, Grandma realized that the pattern was wrong.  She bought more material and they got together yesterday to start over.  Several hours later the purse was finished.  What was intended to be a simple first project ended up being pretty advanced...the purse was lined, with curves, finished corners, and finished off with a pretty honeycomb stitch.  Kayla is really proud of what she made, and she should be.  They did a great job.  Here is the finished purse.  It is a horrible picture, but the only one I have right now.  It is super cute!

Saturday night I met up with two friends for a night out.  We realized that Debbie had a birthday coming up, so we used that as an excuse to celebrate.  This is Debbie after they sang Happy Birthday to her at dinner.

 This is Debbie, me, and Robyn.  We had a great night out!


Kayla has really been enjoying her I-pod Touch that she got for Christmas.  She found a friend in her class that she could test out Facetime with.  Facetime is like video chatting.  She came home from school all excited on Tuesday because Andrew was going to call her on it.  Well, by the time he did she was already at dance.  She got home at 9:15 that night.  I told her it was too late to call him back.  The next thing I hear is her talking on Facetime to Andrew's mother.  She then got to give me her I-pod for the week.  She got it back on Friday night.  She has been on Facetime with Andrew probably a hundred times over the weekend.  I was so happy when Caleb, her cousin, got set up on Facetime.  I don't have to listen so closely to those conversations!  It is so strange listening to her talk to boys.  This is totally innocent.  He is just one of the only people she knows with Facetime, but it is a sign on the times to come.  I can't imagine!!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year!

Happy New Year!   I can't believe that it is already 2011.  We had a quiet start to the year.  The girls spent the night at my mom's house.  My mom said that Caroline started asking when the ball was going to drop at around 6:00. She asked about every 15 minutes.  When the ball finally did drop in New York Caroline went crazy.  Mom said she was jumping all over the place and screaming "Happy New Year!"  Their night was a little bit more eventful than our night.  Andy and I watched a couple of movies at home.   We did manage to stay awake long enough to watch the ball drop.   It was nice and quiet.  Things have been busy the last few weeks so a quiet night at home was perfect.

We made our usual trip to Waco for Christmas.  We came home on Christmas Eve.  We left a few days later to watch Baylor play in the Texas Bowl.  Andy and I flew to Houston on Tuesday night.  His parents picked us up at the airport.  Jenny and Steve drove in the next day.  We had lunch at his cousin's house, and then headed to the game.  Too bad the football team forgot to show up.   Baylor lost the game, but I still had a good time. We left for the airport at 5:30 the next morning. Andy needed to get back to work.  It was a fast trip.

Christmas vacation will be over in just a few days. I am not ready to get back to the real world of homework and afternoons full of driving kids from one activity to the next.  We will have to enjoy the next few days off.

I hope that everyone had a happy and safe New Year.  I can't wait to see what is in store for 2011!