Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week Four

Four weeks with a blog entry...I can't believe it!  We started off the week with a little birthday celebration for my grandma.  She was celebrating her 94th birthday.  We had a small little gathering at the nursing home.  Andy made it back to town just in time to join us.  He had gone to Waco for the weekend to watch a couple of Baylor basketball games.  (Thank goodness Baylor won both of their games!)

 Happy Birthday Granny!

Kayla and Nic

Granny and the kids all looking at her cards

 This week Caroline's class went on a field trip to the bank.  Sounds like a strange trip for a pre-k class, but I was told they had a good time.  A friend of mine is actually the one at the bank that showed the kids around.  I am sure she made it fun.  All Caroline told me was that they got to eat popcorn.

Kayla got to go on a bowling field trip.  I went along on this trip.  They had a great time bowling, eating, and spending time NOT in class.

 The bowlers in Kayla's lane:  Kaylie, Kayla, Morgan and Emori

Enjoying a snack 

Doing a little bowling

Kaylie and Kayla

Kayla's is the 2nd "K".  She actually won the first game.

Libby and Kayla

OK - I am so glad I got this picture.  That way everyone can see who is starting to drive me nuts.  These are some boys in Kayla's class.  The one on the left in Tanner.  Kayla has been in class with him since she was 2.  He must have told me ten times while we were at the bowling alley that he is in love with Kaylie (Kayla's friend).  And those are his words.  I can't believe all of this stuff is starting already!  The one in the middle is Andrew.  This is the boy that Kayla is always on facetime with.  We have had to put some hour restrictions on facetime for him.  He has called Kayla at 11:00 pm.  He has also called as early as 6:30 am.  Based on an email that he sent her today (a picture of himself with a heart around it with A+K), I would say that Andrew has a little crush on my daughter.  I am just grateful that these girls are smart enough to not be interested in these boys.  There will be plenty of time for that later...when they are at least 30!!!

Have a great week!


darlene said...

So glad you are blogging every week. Love the pictures and stories. Thanks for sharing Andy last weekend -- we were all glad BU won. :-)

Jenny said...

Yeah for weekly blogging! You know, good bowling is in the genes! Yes, those boys need to stay away.

Brandy@YDK said...

kayla is getting so big. and boys are dumb. and bad news.