Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Blizzard of 2011

They were predicting snow for over a week, and boy did they get it right!  The sleet started on Monday night around 10:45 pm.  I took the following picture about an hour later.  All of that is ice.  By about midnight it had turned to snow.  I love watching all of the weather reports at times like this, but I only lasted until 1:30 am.

This morning we woke up to this...

The high temperature today was around 10 degrees, and the windchill was anywhere between 6 and 8 below zero.  Anyway, it was really cold.  We braved the weather and went outside to check it out.  It was awful!  The wind and cold made your face just hurt.  We were only out there for a few minutes.  Here are my girls.

Our front storm door would not open this morning.  The snow was too high right in front of the door.  Here is what it looked like.

This is the view from Kayla's window.

 Andy decided he would go out and shovel the driveway.  He was trying to figure out what he would shovel next...after he finished the driveway.  Yeah, right!

Kayla could not stand being inside.  She went out to help Andy shovel.

So of course Caroline had to go out.  Keep in mind it takes about 15 minutes to put on all of the winter gear, and then you only stay out for about 2 minutes.

Notice that she is missing a boot:

 Here it is

We have an elderly lady that lives across the street.  I think this is what Andy needs to shovel when he finishes our driveway.  It will take forever before she is able to open her door!

 Time to head to the back.

It was absolutely miserable outside.  Here is what I measured in the front.  I believe the official snowfall for Tulsa today was 14 inches.  That is a lot of snow!


Jenny said...

WOWWWWWWW! That's insane! We just have ice. It is super duper cold though. The girls look so pretty in the snow.

darlene said...

Wow, beautiful to look at (from inside). I'm glad you ventured outside to get pics but understand it being too cold to stay.