Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 6

We were out of school all of last week due to weather.  It worked out perfectly because Kayla had her first dance contest of the season on Friday.  She was going to have to miss school anyway.  She has been working on her dance since the summer.  She practices at least once or twice a week with her Grandma Sue (who was a dance teacher who still has a studio next door to her house).  This weekend was a big deal.

We (Sue and I) really struggled with what costume to choose.  We ended up going with the one her teacher originally suggested, but neither one of us were really sold on it.  But the minute Kayla stepped on stage and the lights hit her, she looked perfect.  She is dancing to a song called Big Time, and she certainly looked it.  Here she is right before going on stage.

She just took the stage and is ready to dance.

 Almost 4 hours later it was time for the awards.  Kayla tied for 2nd place!

Everyone gets a trophy.  The level of trophy they get is based on the average of their scores from the 3 judges.  The highest is diamond elite, then elite top first, then top first, and then first.  I guess that way everyone gets first!  Kayla got elite top first.  Each dancer is also entered as either novice, intermediate, or competitive.  Kayla is in the intermediate category.  They do a top ten for all of the dancers in each category.  Kayla tied for 2nd place out of all of the 9-10 year olds who were in the intermediate category.  That is great!  We are really proud of her.

Here she is after awards with her teachers and some dancers from her studio.

Kayla with her teacher, Rachel.

Kayla also did two group numbers on Saturday.  Her hip-hop class got 10th place, and her tap class got 3rd place.  It was a pretty good weekend!

However, one of the highlights of the weekend was getting the girls' stuff together so they would be ready to go to school on Monday morning.  Woo Hoo!  They went back to school.  I am just a concerned parent who wants to make sure my children get a good education.  My excitement has nothing to do with the fact that they were home for 9 days...NINE DAYS....in a row!  That is a very long time when you are totally trapped in your house!

Here is Kayla on Monday morning at the bus stop!
 School day!!!!

And I could not have a blog post without a picture of my Caroline.


darlene said...

What a great weekend....and you didn't mention it was your birthday as well. :-)

Love the pics and hearing about the dance contest. Kayla and Caroline are both adorable and so grownup.

Glad to see your street without 3 feet of snow covering it.

Sheila said...

Yea for Kayla on all her dancing awards - that's awesome!!!
And WHHOOOHHOOO school is back in session!! ROCK ON!!! I'm voting for year-round school! LOL!

Brandy@YDK said...

omgosh. Kayla looks so grown up. no more baby left in her. congrats on all her awards!