Monday, February 7, 2011

Week Five

 I guess I will finish off the week of the blizzard.  Andy worked for 2 days to get the driveway shoveled off.  It made it possible for him to get his truck out of the driveway, but it also gave him an escape from the house.  He made it to work on Friday.

He did a good deed and helped a car that got stuck at our corner.

And we were so excited to see this guy come along.  I am thinking that it is someone that lives in the neighborhood.  From what I have been told, ours are the only streets in all of Sapulpa that got cleared.

Caroline decided that she would clear the snow from the front door.  That did not really work out so well.  Kayla did it a few days later.

We made our first ever batch of snow ice cream.  Yummy!

On Thursday night, Kayla was invited to go and spend the night with a friend.  Caroline got the run of our house.  Here is where she decided to lay to watch some tv.

On Friday, Kayla and her friend Kaylie were dropped off at our house.  Libby and Mallory came over later that day.  It was great for the girls to get to play with friends.

Friday afternoon it started snowing again.  We got around 3 more inches.  So much for the cleared driveway!

We stayed inside most of the day on Friday.  It was nice to get out to walk Libby and Mallory home.

The girls then decided to play in the backyard.  It was finally not so bitterly cold outside.  It was nice to be able to enjoy all of the snow that has kept us trapped for so long.

My dad was even able to get out to the store so he stopped by the house.

Finally building the snowman Caroline wanted.

 They decided to have a snowball fight.  Andy got both the head.

Andy never dreamed he would be shoveling snow off of a trampoline.  There was so much snow on there it looked like it was going to snap.
 Can you tell how deep that is?

 Anyway, it has been a crazy week.  Too bad it is not over yet.  The girls were out of school 4 days last week.  They did not have school today and it has already been called off for tomorrow.  The last forecast I heard called for 11 inches of snow Tuesday night into Wednesday.  ELEVEN INCHES!!!!!  It looks like they will be out of school all week.  And I somehow have to figure out how to drive to Tulsa on Friday for Kayla's dance competition.

This is just crazy!!!!


Jenny said...

Well, if it weren't for dance I'd tell you to head south! I cannot imagine what it's like up there! We are getting more Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, but I'm hoping we still have school.

Sheila said...

soooo sick of snow!!!!

darlene said...

Jenny is right --- if you didn't have dance and no school, you should come to Texas. I can't believe all the snow and being stuck indoors. Glad you got out for a little fun.

Brandy@YDK said...

Your pictures are great. But I agree- soooooo sick of snow