Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Contest Season Has Arrived!

OK. I really don't know where to start. I am so far behind on the blog. The good news is that we got a new laptop. It actually works! Amazing! I got some pictures put on it last night so I will just dive right in.

The next few posts may be really random and completely out of order. But you have to start somewhere.

Kayla has taken dance for several years. This year she decided she wanted to do a solo. She picked her music last summer and started learning her dance with her teacher. Once she learned the dance she started practicing with Grandma Sue. We are very lucky to have a dance teacher in the family. The weekend of February 12th was her first contest in Tulsa. It is questionable...I may have been more nervous than she was.

Here are some pictures that the photographer took during her dance. Her song is Sea Cruise.

After all the 8 and under solos performed they all piled on the stage. Awards time! Kayla is competing in the 7&8 age group. Each age group is divided into novice and competitive levels. She is a novice since this is her first year to compete. Each dancer gets a trophy. Kayla got an Elite Top First.

After all of the trophies have been passed out they do a top 10. Kayla won a medal, plaque, and a check for winning the Novice Level Champion. She placed first.

Her studio did really well in this age group. Here are the winners with their teacher (who was actually one of Grandma Sue's students).

However, I think the most exciting part of the day for Kayla was having a certain someone in the audience. Cousin Emily was so sweet to come and cheer Kayla on as she danced. Emily is a trooper. She also attended a performance at a retirement village the weekend before. Kayla really looks up to her, and it means a lot to Kayla to have her there.

What a wonderful first contest! Kayla did really well. She worked really hard for this. Lots and lots of practicing went into her performance. Finally...we can both breathe again!