Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week One

I am off to a good start with the whole blogging thing this year!  We have had a good week here.  Kayla and her cousin Olivia got sewing machines for Christmas.  They got together with Grandma Sue last Saturday for their first project.  They were going to start off with something easy.  Both girls are brand new to sewing.  They took a 1 1/2 hour class which pretty much just introduced them to the machine and how to take care of it.  This was their first time to make something.  They decided they wanted to make a purse.  Grandma got a pattern and some material, and they got started.  The girls had a great time.

They worked really hard for several hours, but they did not have enough time to finish.  They made plans to get together the next Saturday (yesterday) to finish.  Meanwhile, Grandma realized that the pattern was wrong.  She bought more material and they got together yesterday to start over.  Several hours later the purse was finished.  What was intended to be a simple first project ended up being pretty advanced...the purse was lined, with curves, finished corners, and finished off with a pretty honeycomb stitch.  Kayla is really proud of what she made, and she should be.  They did a great job.  Here is the finished purse.  It is a horrible picture, but the only one I have right now.  It is super cute!

Saturday night I met up with two friends for a night out.  We realized that Debbie had a birthday coming up, so we used that as an excuse to celebrate.  This is Debbie after they sang Happy Birthday to her at dinner.

 This is Debbie, me, and Robyn.  We had a great night out!


Kayla has really been enjoying her I-pod Touch that she got for Christmas.  She found a friend in her class that she could test out Facetime with.  Facetime is like video chatting.  She came home from school all excited on Tuesday because Andrew was going to call her on it.  Well, by the time he did she was already at dance.  She got home at 9:15 that night.  I told her it was too late to call him back.  The next thing I hear is her talking on Facetime to Andrew's mother.  She then got to give me her I-pod for the week.  She got it back on Friday night.  She has been on Facetime with Andrew probably a hundred times over the weekend.  I was so happy when Caleb, her cousin, got set up on Facetime.  I don't have to listen so closely to those conversations!  It is so strange listening to her talk to boys.  This is totally innocent.  He is just one of the only people she knows with Facetime, but it is a sign on the times to come.  I can't imagine!!!!


Jenny said...

Yeah for blogging! I love the purse! And I'm happy you got to go out for a girl's night! I can tell you that Caleb and Kayla's Facetime is a lot of, "you want to see Brenner? Carter wants to tell you a joke. Say hi to my mom." ;-)

darlene said...

Ditto on "yeah for blogging". It helps us keep in touch with the family. Love the purse -- I'm glad Kayla is learning to sew.

Facetime" is really cool technology. I'm glad they can talk to each other.

Sheila said...

that's awesome that she is already sewing! I sew but pretty sure I couldn't do a purse like that!

Aunt Kathryn said...

So impressed with the blogging but more impressed with the purse! What cant that girl do. I would comment on facetime, but i dont know what ya'll are talking about.

Brandy@YDK said...

wow - it looks like she could teach me some things!