Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of School - Drop Off

 The first day of school has arrived!  Caroline woke up on her own a little before 7 this morning.  Andy and Caroline woke Kayla up shortly after that with a beautiful rendition of "School Days."  The girls started their day with a breakfast of eggs, toast, strawberries, and milk.

 Then I have to make an attempt at some pictures.  Both girls were pretty excited.

I took Kayla to Justice this year to get her backpack.  She has used the same one for 3 years.  Caroline found one she just had to have.

Kayla chose this cute messenger bag.  We probably saw 10 other girls just on our way into the building this morning with this same bag!

Andy took off work so he could take them to school.  We got there early and just hung out in the car for a while.

When that got old we went and joined the rest of the people in line.  I have never had to stand in line to get into a school before.  This is so different from Lone Star.

We headed to Caroline's class first.  She put her lunch box up and then went to put her backpack in a cubby.  I told her to turn around so I could get her picture.  This other girl had just walked out of the room, and she turned around and went and stood by Caroline for the picture.  So, here is Caroline and a new friend, Taylor.

When we left her she was happily doing a puzzle.

Next, we took Kayla to her class.  I could not get her to look at me once we stepped in the room.  She is just getting too big to have her mom hanging around.  Andy was getting a little frustrated with me because I wanted to take a picture.  I had to point out to him that at least I did not sit down at her desk like the lady in this picture!

Andy and I went to a movie this morning.  I needed to keep busy so I would not worry about them all day.  I can't wait to find out how their day was.  That will be the next post!


darlene said...

Papa & I love the pics & hearing about the morning. Can" t wait to hear more.

darlene said...

P.S. - your yard looks great!

Brandy@YDK said...

that's so exciting! i hope they love their new school. and kayla's backpack is cute!

Amy and Steve said...

Shelby wanted one of those backpacks that Kayla had but they didn't have an S. Love the pictures!