Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rough Morning

Today was a harder day for my sweet Caroline.  The entire car ride to school she was saying, in a tearful voice, "Please don't make me go."  She held onto me so tightly as we waited to go to class.  When we got to her class she went right in.  I think she has a good time at school, but the mornings are rough.  I already feel bad for moving them away from all of their friends just because I wanted a bigger house.  Any indication of sadness from either one of them really gets to me.

Tonight we found out that her "boyfriend", Alex, and her best friend from pre-k, Acree, are in the same class.  As soon as she found out she started crying.  Then she tells me "Acree is in Alex's class and we are all spread out."  Kind of breaks a mom's heart.  I know she will adjust and be just fine.  She has already made a friend in her new class.  We find out next Wednesday if she has to move to a new class.  I hope that she and her new friend get to stay together.  She has had enough new stuff in the last few months!


darlene said...

Hang in there, Em. Everyone will be OK. New situations are tough on everyone but soon they become "home" and all is well again.

The move was right for your family -- not just because you wanted a bigger home. Be where God wants you to be and just rest in His place for you.

Jenny said...

Poor Caroline. Maybe send a note to her teacher asking that she can stay with her one new friend. I'm sure they would try to make that happen knowing she is adjusting to a new school.