Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kayla is a Pet Owner!!!

Kayla has been wanting a pet for a long time now. As you all know, she has been begging us for a puppy. Since Uncle Steve refused to send Elfy home with us, we had to get Kayla a different pet. She decided she wanted a fish. She spent $28 of her own money on her new fish, Thomas. She is very proud of him, and has done a great job of remembering to feed him. He is still alive and it has been almost a full week. I think that is pretty good!

I know these pictures are terrible, but I was having some difficulties!
By the way, Andy's job is going well. I think he already has quite a work load. But, he has been home at 5:30 or 5:45 every day this week! I like his new job.


Aunt Kathryn said...

I am so sorry I dont see a fish, but Kayla is so cute and grown-up looking. (I'm sure it is my 48 year old eyes)

Amy said...

That's great! A fish is a great first pet! I hope she enjoys Thomas!

robynsbowtique said...

I think Thomas is adorable. Kayla seems very proud of him.