Monday, April 14, 2008

Watch Week

So, we survived Andy's week of unemployment. I don't think the week went as he thought it would, but I am sure he enjoyed the time off.

Because he was not working, he was able to attend his first watch week at the dance studio. Kayla was very excited about him being there. Kayla has ballet and tap on Monday. We usually carpool with our neighbor, Robyn, but we took separate cars this time. We both happened to back out of our driveways at the same time. We are following behind her as she is driving in the left hand lane. All of a sudden the guy in the right hand land decides he is going to make a left turn from the right lane - running right into Robyn. I could not believe it. To top it off, he keeps on going. We got the license plate of the truck, and then checked on Robyn and the girls. They were all fine. Andy stayed with her until the police and the tow truck came and I took the girls on to dance. I think Andy, Robyn and Bob all got to the studio with about 15 minutes left in the class. They will just have to wait until recital.

The trip to the studio for jazz and tumbling was a little less eventful.

She is doing a really good job in all of her classes. She always amazes me with how well she knows her dances. However, she told me the other day "I don't think I should participate in dance anymore. I just want to do cheerleading." We will have to work that one out later.


Darlene said...

What a week. I know that Robyn was glad that you and Andy were right there to help out after the wreck. so glad to hear no one was hurt.

Kayla is so cute and dedicated. So when is the recital?

Emily and Andy said...

I think it is at a bad time -rather a bad day. It is on Monday, June 2 at 6:00. That makes it extremely difficult for people who live out of town to attend.

Darlene said...

Yep, we'll have to pass and just see pictures and hear about it.

Aunt Kathryn said...

Kayla is obviously very talented. The backbend reminded me of Emily. Of course you know she got kicked out of ballet.

Jenny James said...

She certainly got her gymnastics and dance talent from her mom's side of the family.