Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

This is for the family in Texas. It has been snowing here all day. My camera will not work with my computer. That is the reason for all of the video clips. This is just to give you a sample of the Oklahoma weather.

Andy went out to shovel snow (which I do not understand because it was still snowing), so I made him take my cool little Flip Video with him.

Kayla went down the street so Caroline had to also go outside. This was much nicer than the Christmas snow we had. It is more of a powder, and it is not nearly as cold outside. She had fun running around in it.

A rough measurement of the snow

Time to go inside. Caroline just looks like she is having to work so hard to run. I guess it is tough when your entire feet, in those giant snow boots, are completely buried in the snow with each step.

It is a very pretty snow. Hopefully the power will stay on and the snow won't stick around for too long!


Jenny said...

Wow!!! How fun!!! Well, it's fun as long as the electricity stays on! It's just super cold here with bits of snow flurries.

Aunt Kathryn said...

Fun, fun, fun. Emily is not enjoying the snow as much as Caroline! SA is very cold and terribly windy yesterday. Nice tennis weather.

darlene said...

We looked at these and wished we were there. I was really bummed at missing our trip to visit but the weather certainly changed those plans.