Saturday, March 26, 2011

Week 10

I have a few weeks to catch up on.  This is actually from the weekend of March 11-13.  Kayla had a dance competition in Oklahoma City.  We left Friday after school and made the drive.  Kayla's friend Saskia and her mom went with us. 

 Kayla and Saskia happy to be at the hotel.

Our hotel is in Bricktown directly behind the ball field.  After several of us had arrived we walked over to Coach's to get some dinner.  The girls had a great time together, and for some reason they decided to tell everyone that they were from California.  Very random.

Chloe, Saskia, and Kayla

Chloe, Saskia, Kayla, and Katie

Chloe and Kayla are actually both on Face Time...with each other!!!

The next morning we went to watch one of our groups compete.  Then we all headed to Abuelos for lunch.  There were around 25 of us.  Here is the kid side of the table.

The next stop was this super cute cupcake and candy store called Pinkitzel.  It was a fun little place to go, but I am glad we do not have to frequent it.  The cupcakes were $3.50 each, and the candy was $3.50 for 1/4 lb.  That is a little too pricey for me.   It only takes about 3 jellybeans to equal a 1/4 pound!

Lots of candy...

And lots of yummy cupcakes

Saturday night was the swim party

Followed by a pizza party in the hotel breakfast area.

Sunday morning it was time for business.  Another mother came over to do Kayla's makeup for me.  That is normally Grandma Sue's job, but she did not go on this trip with us.  It got to be a little chaotic in the room!

We had to leave the hotel before 8 in the morning.  That meant we had to check out.  We managed to get everything loaded up.  It is amazing how much stuff we had!
She is ready to perform

  A last minute practice with her teacher.
 At this point I about panicked.  If you know me, I like to be on time for things.  I prefer to be early.  We were practicing out in the lobby when we discovered that Kayla was the next number to compete.  We were not ready, and we were not even back stage.  It was still about 25 minutes until her scheduled time to compete.  I left Kayla with her teacher and went to the audience.  As I entered they were announcing Kayla as the next competitor.  However, she was not there.  They waited a minute, and then they moved on to the next number.  That poor girls top fell off in the middle of her performance and she quickly ran off stage.  Again they announced Kayla...and she came on stage.  Big sigh of relief!  She did a great job.

She won a Diamond Elite trophy (that is the highest level trophy they give out).  That was really exciting because Kayla has never gotten that before.  She also tied for first place for the intermediate level in the 9-10 age division.  She got a medal, a plaque, and a $50 check. 

Congratulations Kayla!!!!  I am so proud of you.


darlene said...

So proud of Kayla ... and you. Love the post and pictures.

Brandy@YDK said...

great job kayla. cute pictures.