Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field Day

Field Day at Bixby is a little different from what we are used to at Lone Star.  Kayla was confused and she told me parents were not allowed at her field day so I did not go.  She said she had a good time, but she did not do anything.  She said there were activities they could participate in if they wanted.  However, Kayla and her group of friends just walked around the track enjoying the treats they purchased at the concession stand.  From what I understand, Caroline's Field Day worked about the same way.  I was not able to go because Kayla had State Piano Contest at the same time.  My dad was kind enough to go to Caroline's field day and take these pictures for me.

Caroline enjoyed her field day.  There is not a lot of structure to the event.  They have a few little activities set up, and the kids can do whatever they want.  She had one little incident where a girl squirted water on her shirt.  If you know Caroline at all, you know that water on her clothes is a huge problem.  The tears came and she had to go change her shirt before she went back to having fun.  At Lone Star the entire class would do an activity and then the class would move on to the next activity.  I wish Bixby did it that way.  Both of my kids would have participated a lot more that way.  However, they both had a good time.  I guess that is important.  Thanks again to my dad for going in my place!


darlene said...

Looks like fun, even if organized differently. Cute pics.

Unknown said...
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