Sunday, October 7, 2012

Texas Vacation (part 2)

 We left Houston and drove to meet up with Andy's parents and the boys at Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown.

Down we go...

We had the best behaved group of kids.  They were so good and paid attention to our tour guide.

Cousins arm in arm

 "Inner Space Cavern was discovered by a Texas Highway Department core drilling team in the Spring of 1963. While drilling through 40 feet of solid limestone, the bit broke into what is now known as Inner Space Cavern. An adventurous employee of the highway department was lowered into the hole while standing on the drill bit and holding tightly to the stem. He was the first human being to enter INNER SPACE. What an exciting voyage this must have been!"  I took that from their website.  This is the hole that the employee was lowered into.

 Our next stop on our trip was Waco.  First things first...they had to hit the hot tub.

 We also took time to go down to the river.  Andy really wanted to spend some time there with the girls because he spent so much of his childhood there.  Darlene stayed home with Brenner and the rest of us headed to the river.

Jim took the boys back to the house, and Andy and Kayla took off exploring the water.

 We also enjoyed some good 4th of July fun.


Andy and Kayla put up a tent so the two of them could camp out.

 These were EVERYWHERE.  So gross!

Ready for bed!

Cooking breakfast.

We also got to visit with Mamaw and Papaw.

Andy learned to fry the fish he and his dad caught on their fishing trip.

 And there had to be some fort builing up in the treehouse.

 More fun tubing out on the lake.

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darlene said...

We had so much fun, thanks for spending time with us on the farm (and river and lake). We're ready for the next time! Love the pictures.