Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dance Pictures

It is that time of year recital. We had pictures on Friday. They take them up at the studio and it is very crazy and hectic. I think there are about a thousand kids running around. We have rehearsal tomorrow afternoon after church. I am sure that Kayla and I will spend most of the day at the school. The recital is Monday night. Kayla has her first swim lesson on Monday. I am hoping that we will make it back in time to take Caroline to the sitter and to get Kayla ready to dance. She really enjoys it. She has done a great job in her last two recitals. It still shocks me a little that she does not get nervous on the big stage. She always knows her dances and will even smile. Seeing her really enjoy herself makes all the trouble of taking her to lessons 2 nights a week worth it.


darlene said...

Kayla is so grownup. We'll miss her recital but glad she did a special performance for us last week when we were there.

Anna & the boys said...

How cute! I am jealous you get to enjoy recitals. I enjoy reading about your family.