Saturday, May 3, 2008

Family Portrait

Well, I am not that great at all this blogging stuff. I tried to add our family portrait as a page element to the blog and it is not centering the picture. So here is the full picture.

We went to Dallas a few weeks ago to get pictures made. Jenny has a great photographer that she let us borrow. She took pictures of the entire family (Nanny, Papa, Jenny and her family, and our family). The pictures are all wonderful. It took a few attempts, but we now have a 20x24 of this picture above our mantle. I think it looks really good. Thanks to Nanny and Papa for the pictures, and to Jenny for making all of the arrangements.


darlene said...

You are doing great at blogging so don't sell yourself short.

I love the picture. Eileen sent us an 6X10 of that pose when we ordered our large family pic. We haven't gotten either framed yet and are waiting to hang until the new TV corner is finished. Hopefully that will be within the next few weeks.

Aunt Kathryn said...

Wow. It's simply beautiful!

Brandy said...

great picture!