Saturday, September 27, 2008

An Official Cheerleader

Kayla was a wonderful little cheerleader on Friday. She was so excited. The first thing she said when she got out of bed that morning was "I have to go to a football game tonight." (like it was really cutting into her schedule) She practiced hard and did a great job.

She is ready for her first cheerleading performance.

You must practice your jumps before the big game!

The kids lined up about 45 minutes early.

Andy and I went and fought the families of the other 197 girls for a good seat. That was difficult because there was no way of knowing where on the field she would be.

We managed to get a great view of her.

She did a great job with the cheer and the dance. After the game we stopped by Quick Trip to get her something to eat. The cashier could tell we just came from the game so he made a comment about the score. Kayla's response: "I know. I just cheered at the game and I am so tired." She gave me a good chuckle.


darlene said...

She is so precious. I'm sure she was the best on the field.

sunni said...

How fun! Kayla is such a pretty girl. Andy is going to have his hands full soon:)

Aunt Kathryn said...

She is TOO cute. Judging from the video, she was probably the best one out there.

Jenny James said...

Love it! I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her on the field!

Amy and Steve said...

She looks so cute! I'm glad you were able to see her out on the field!