Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Soccer Season

Kayla had her first soccer game of the season last Saturday. She moved up to the Under 8 Division. This is the first season with an all girls team. They play 4-v-4 the length of the field. Our poor team has 4 girls who I don't think have ever touched a soccer ball before. One of them likes to lay down on the field, and stay there. It will be an interesting season. It is Andy's first time NOT to coach. Kayla is having a hard time with that, but I think it is probably for the best. He needed a break.

This is our first season to have a "real" uniform instead of just a t-shirt. As much as I did not like having to pay for it, I think she looks pretty cute!

She is #16. Here she is making a goal. Way to go Kayla!!

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darlene said...

Absolutely the cutest! So glad to see the pictures and hear she is having fun. Now we just need for her father to relax a little. :-)