Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Festivities: Part 1

We took the kids to the zoo on Saturday morning for the annual Zoobilee. The gate opened at 8 and we got there at 8:15. The line was already down the walkway and across the parking lot. Thank goodness we have a donor membership. We got to walk right past the line and into the zoo. I was so excited to find a bunny waiting just inside the gates. Caroline was not so excited. Apparently she still does not like costume characters.
We headed to the egg hunt for Caroline's age group. Between the hundreds of toddlers, parents, strollers, and wagons we could not get anywhere near the front. So we headed over to wait for Kayla's egg hunt. We got a front row spot there.

At 9:00 they said go, and everyone did. It was crazy! The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes.We ran into a penguin and forced Caroline to take another picture. She is having so much fun!

Much to Caroline's delight we ran into the bunny again. She did not like him any more this time than she did earlier in the day.

She was willing to go see the zebra as long as her daddy was holding her.

Next, we came across the camel rides. Andy and the girls went for a ride. Kayla and Caroline thought this was really fun. Caroline told me she is going to ride by herself next time.
Caroline liked this dinosaur as much as the costume characters. She is really having a rough day!
Proof that my children do have a mother that does things with them...
The kids were acting up a little so we decided it was time to go. We ended the morning with a yummy meal at our new IHOP. Overall it was a good day. We find out later that it was a little traumatizing to Caroline.

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