Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Festivities: Part 3

While I was out enjoying my kid-free time on Saturday night, Andy and Emily were having to put up with my child who is now scared of the Easter Bunny. She kept saying "I don't want that bunny in my house." I think she was imagining the 6 ft tall bunny from the zoo coming into her house. She did not go to bed until around 10:30.

Emily told Kayla to wake her up first thing this morning. She is obviously not used to sleeping in the same house as small children. My kids were ready to get her up by 6:40 this morning. I held them off until 7. That was the best I could do. Emily was a great sport. She got up to watch the kids hunt for eggs.

It did not take Caroline long to figure out how the egg hunt works. If she saw an egg, Kayla better not get anywhere near it. "I get it! I get it!" must have been said a hundred times. Then when she could not find one it was "Where is another egg?" She became fairly competitive.

Kayla did a great job. She is really good at making sure her sister gets her fair share...until it came to the eggs with money.

I think Emily was able to squeeze in a little nap before it was time to go to church. Kayla was just beside herself having Emily here with us.


Jenny said...

How fun! Looks like yall had a busy weekend!
Glad cousin Em got to join in the fun. I can only imagine how exciting that was for the girls!
And Caroline... she is so funny. Glad you have her Easter experience recorded along with her cute sayings. She's a funny girl!

darlene said...

Looks like so much fun. Caroline's experience at the zoo proves she is not quite ready for Disney World but give her another year to adjust to having her picture made with "large animals". Loved seeing the picures of the girls, Emi, Daddy and Mama (we know you are the photographers so you do lots with the girls).

Brandy said...

wow - you have so much fun stuff to scrapbook. I'm glad Grayson smiled for the easter bunny this year. I'm afraid I won't see another "character smile" for several years.

Sheila said...

LOVE your Easter pics -they are so cute! Your girls are absolutely adorable! Can't wait to scrap with you again! :)