Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daddy's Girl

Here is Kayla on school spirit day.  They were supposed to wear the colors of their favorite team.  She said she was the only one in her entire school wearing Baylor clothes.  Her PE coach actually called her "Baylor" during class because he did not yet know her name.

Today I realized how much she is like her father.  It was hamburger day, and I actually sent her out the door with a piece of cheese in a baggie.  Just like her daddy did when he was a kid.


darlene said...

She is beautiful no matter what she wears but it is always fun to see BU colors.

Don't send 2 pieces of cheese for her use because that got me in trouble with her daddy. :-)

Jenny said...

She looks so cute! How funny she's the ONLY Baylor girl!