Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fine Dining

So we have had some difficulties lately with Kayla's attitude.  And did you know she has the meanest mom in the world who never lets her play?  Yep, that is me!  So, she is getting to do a few additional things around the house this week.  Monday night she had to make dinner (after she put in a load of laundry).  She planned the menu, made it completely on her own, and cleaned up after the meal was over.  This is where we got punished a little bit.  On the menu was a piece of peanut butter toast, 3 little slices of a banana, and a container of mandarin oranges.  She was very proud. 

After dinner I had to take her to school for family reading night.  Andy and Caroline managed to sneak off to Braum's.


darlene said...

Moms are usully the "bad guy" with daughters so I can't tell you that will change. Disciplining a child is usually harder on the parent than the child but is necessary. Hang in there --- she will appreciate it someday.

I actually like peanut butter so that sounds like a good meal to me. It just needs a cold glass of milk. :-)

Brandy@YDK said...

ha. that dinner sounds delish. caroline's hair is getting so long.