Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kayla!!!

 I can't believe that Kayla turned 9 years old on Saturday.   We had her party this weekend.  Kayla has wanted to have a sleep over for several years, but we just don't have the room in our house for that.  Aunt Jenny suggested having it at a hotel.  She has several friends who have done that for their daughters and it was always a huge success.  So for her birthday Nanny and Papa got her 2 hotel rooms at the Doubletree at Warren Place in Tulsa.  She was so excited.

The party began on Saturday at 2:15 when everyone met at our house.  We loaded up and headed to Tulsa.

 The girls enjoyed the view from the hotel parking garage while Andy got us checked in.

 We headed straight to the pool.  The pool also had a sauna, steam room, and hot tub.  Here are the girls in the sauna.  They loved going in there.  The funny thing is the sauna was never turned on.
 Time for the pool!

 Here is one happy birthday girl!

 This is her friend Saskia from dance.

 Little Miss Caroline

This is her friend Kaylie from school.

This is Mallory ( Libby's younger sister). 
I can't believe I did not get a picture of Libby!

This is her friend Emori from school. 

It was wonderful that the pool opened up to an outside patio.

 Time for pizza

Andy was a wonderful help at this party.  He did not get to enjoy too much of the party, but he did a great job running all of my errands!

After dinner we took a walk behind the hotel.  There was a beautiful outside area for the girls to explore.

Time for a little water ballon toss.

I guess this is Nestle's version of not much frosting.   I told them that Kayla did not like frosting, and that we just wanted frosting on one half of the cake.  Oh well, there was not one bite of cake left over!

Hot tub!!!

Kayla got so many fun gifts from all of her friends.

This girl ATE so much pizza.  All of the girls finished off 4 pizzas.

There was so much room around the pool, and most of the time we were the only ones there.  We just stayed down there for the entire party.  That was so much better than being crowded into a small room trying to keep them quiet.  Here they are playing Apples to Apples Junior.

Random shot of the pool area.

Everyone signed her sleep over night shirt.

We went back to the room at around 10:00.  The girls spent a little while playing with Kayla's new fashion design set.  This was a huge hit with all of the girls.

Then it was time to play hot nails.  This is just like hot potato with nail polish.  They passed around 3 different colors of polish.  When the music stops, they have to paint one nail whatever color they are holding.


They finally settled down and got quiet at about 1:00 am.  Even Caroline stayed awake the entire time.
Sunday morning got started at about 8:00 am.  The girls quickly got busy making their coffee.  They made it, but I think they only took a few sips.

We headed back to the pool for one last bit of fun.
The fun ended at about 10:30 on Sunday morning when we pulled them out of the water for the last time.  Kayla had a wonderful birthday.  She says these were the best days of her life.  Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.  I am glad the party was a success, and I am very happy that the party is over!


Jenny said...

Great post! Love all the photos! Sounds like a super long, but super fun party. You are a great mom to plan so many fun things. And sounds like Andy did a great job making sure you had everthing you needed! Can't believe she's 9!

darlene said...

What a fun and exhausting time. Love the post and the pictures. Almost feel like I was there. :-)

Glad it all worked out and everyone had fun.

Sheila said...

What a fun party!
And I LOVE your "towel girl!" LOL!

darlene said...

This is Papa, It looks like a wonderful party. Thanks for all the pics. Can't believe my little girl is 9 years old. Happy Birthday sweetheart! Love you, Papa

Brandy@YDK said...

look at all the fun you were having while I was moving. so jealous.

What a great party for a 9 yr old. I bet she remembers it forever