Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Waco

We just got home from our annual trip to Waco for Christmas.  It is a wonderful few days spent with all of Andy's family.  I have no pictures from the trip.  I intended to get copies of the pictures Jenny took, but that did not happen.

We arrived on Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday morning we opened gifts with Andy's family.  Thursday evening we had Christmas with Mamaw and Papaw.   Friday morning is the annual Cloverland Bowl.  Andy invited RG3 to come, but I guess he was busy!  Kayla has a great time playing in the football game.  Andy looks forward to it all year.  He did end up with a bruise above his eye and a bloody lip, but he loves every minute of it.  That afternoon is Granny's Christmas.  Jim and Darlene have everyone over for appetizers and dinner.  Then we all head over to Granny's house for dessert and the gift exchange.  There is also a visit from Santa.  Caroline was so happy when she saw him walk in.

 She waited very patiently for her turn.

Caroline once again gave Santa her list:  sparkly headband, perfume, and a surprise.  I really hope she likes her surprise.

 Kayla was a good sport.  She got on his lap, but told him she had no idea what she wanted.

On the morning of Christmas Eve we head home.  We stopped in McKinney to see my grandma.  I have not seen her in several years.  I have some great memories of her and my grandpa from when I was younger.  It was great to see her again.  My girls made me so proud.  They were so sweet to her and extremely well behaved.

What a wonderful Christmas is has already been!


darlene said...

We"re so glad you made the trip to Cloverland. It was fast & lots of fun. The girls are beautiful & wonderful!

Jenny said...

Fun times!! Glad you got to stop and see your Grandma! I can send you the pics from Cloverland