Sunday, April 22, 2012


Our Easter celebration began with the annual dying of the eggs.  The kids love doing this every year.  We tried to dye them in kool-aid this year.  It worked pretty well, but we may go back to the good old fashion way next year.  Caroline was so excited.  She was asking for days to dye the eggs.

Sunday morning started with the hunt.  We always hunt for eggs inside the house.  This was our first hunt in the new house.  There were a lot more places for the eggs to be hidden in this house.  It was a lot more fun.

 And they're off...

 Of all of the hiding places, this was my favorite

Next, we headed outside to attempt a few pictures.  These did not come out so well this year.  We were really in too much of a hurry.

Then it was off to church.  We went to a new church Easter morning.  We really enjoyed it.  We then went to my mom's house so she could see the girls.  Then it was time to head to my dad's.  We eat lunch there and do a huge egg hunt with the cousins.

 Caroline, Isabel, Olivia, Kayla, and Nic

These kids have such a great time together.  I really was a wonderful day.

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darlene said...

Cute pics, adorable girls (you and Andy too) and a great day for all!