Saturday, March 31, 2012

District Piano Contest

Kayla had District Piano Contest today.  I think we were all a little nervous this year.  The contest is held at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. 

 We got there early so I let the kids run around outside while we waited for Andy to get there from work.  Caroline's friend, Brigi, was with us for the day.  They were able to entertain each other.

Andy finally arrived and we went to check Kayla in.  That was at 3:30.  We were told that there were 2 people in front of her.  The girls tried their best to wait patiently.

 Finally, at 4:00, we asked how much longer it would be.  The lady thought we were waiting on our critique.  She had marked down on her little paper that she had already sent Kayla back to play.  It was a little frustrating, but she finally got to play.  She goes into a room with a judge and plays her piece.  She then comes out of the room so the judge can write up the critique.  She was almost in tears at this point because she had messed up.  When she got her score back she was so relieved that she got a 1+.  That is the highest score you can get.  Here she is with her teacher.

Kayla with her 1+ medal

It would not be a celebration without a trip to Cherry Berry.  Yummy!  Great job, Kayla!
She is now qualified to go to State contest in May.  That is in Oklahoma City.  We usually try to make a fun little weekend of it with a stay in a hotel, and a trip to the Science Museum.  Things are a little complicated this year.  Dance contest is that same weekend in Tulsa.  Our Broadway show tickets are also that weekend.  We have a few things to figure out to make it all work.


darlene said...

Great ending to a frustrating wait! Love the pictures & hearing about it.

Jenny said...

Way to go, Kayla!!

Sheila said...

How fun! I took piano lessons for 15 years! Great memories!