Monday, March 5, 2012

Neighborhood Excitement

I normally would have been home on Friday afternoon, but Kayla needed me to bring a movie to school for her class.  Instead of coming home I went on to Sapulpa.  I needed to go by my dad's house, and then I stopped at my mom's house to pick up some boxes.  Yes, I still have boxes that I have not unpacked.  I honestly forget that they are at her house.  Anyway...

It was about 2:30 and I was getting close to my house.  I approached an intersection and there were police EVERYWHERE.  There was also a police helicopter circling the field.  I drove about a block before I had a highway patrolman stop my car.  He was carrying a huge gun.  He asked me where I was headed.  When I told him where I lived he suggested that I might find somewhere else to go.  There was an armed fugitive in the area.  He said that he would not tell me not to go home, but if I did I needed to stay inside with the doors locked.  I turned the corner and was stopped by another officer.  He told me they last saw the guy running across the wooded park area of our neighborhood.  He said it would be better if I went to visit someone instead of going home.  I drove on to the school to wait to pick up the girls.

I have never actually seen a police perimeter before.  I could not get over how many officers were there.  Five different police departments plus the highway patrol were working on this manhunt.  There were cops every few feet, and most of them had their weapons in their hands.

After I picked the girls up they announced on the radio that the manhunt was over.  They said it ended at 143rd and Harvard when the suspect shot himself in the head.  That is our neighborhood!  When we came home we did see an ambulance and a news van by our neighborhood pool.  The guy broke into a house by the pool.  The minute the police dogs were sent into the house there was a gunshot.  He shot himself in the head upstairs in this house.  He was life flighted to the hospital where he later died.  It is just so crazy that all of this happened so close to home.  I am glad I was not here!

Kayla said they were on lock down for about 45 minutes.  She was a little nervous because she did not know what was going on, but they kept telling them it was not a drill.  I think it was hard for them to be quiet and still for that long!

Saturday things were getting cleaned up at the house where it happened.  There were a couple of these trucks there and quite a few people going in and out in their haz-mat suits.
It was an eventful time!

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darlene said...

What a day. Glad you were outside the perimeter the entire time.