Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I did not work on Valentine's Day so that I could go the the parties at school.  Caroline was really excited about the day.  She made a special Valentine for a boy in her class.  She told me that Austin asked her to be his girlfriend.  She said "I don't know why I said yes!"  She spent the night at a friend's house over the weekend.  She and Brigi both made cards for their boyfriends.  I did not get to see the card.  It was all sealed in an envelope.  She is way too young for all of this!

Anyway, Kayla was not interested in the whole idea of Valentine's Day.  She did not want to take anything for her class or participate in any way.  However, that morning she decided she wanted to decorate a box to take.  That was not very much notice so we headed for WalMart.  We found this little basket and she put her name on it with stickers.  It worked good enough!

Both parties were at the same time.  I started with Kayla's class.  They pretty much just ate the entire time.  I think they did a few games after I left.

Someone brought these really cute decorated cookies.

Time for a picture with the girls.

The boys just could not stay out of the picture!

 Kayla with her teacher, Mrs. West

Then it was time to go to Caroline's party.  When I got there she was in the middle of decorating cookies.

They loved getting their picture taken

Caroline's party was pretty chaotic because of the different craft projects going on for 24 children.  That is a lot of kids eating a lot of sugar!  Towards the end of the day Caroline and I headed back to Kayla's party. 
Here are my sweet girls together.
They both had a good time at their parties.  Any excuse to play instead of having to do work!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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darlene said...

Adorable. I"m glad Kayla decided to participate.