Sunday, February 12, 2012

Talent on Parade - Group Day

Saturday was group day competition.  I did not get any pictures that afternoon while they were getting ready to compete.  Things were just so hectic "backstage".  The girls did a great job dancing.  They did jazz, contemporary, and hip hop.  After it was over we had about three hours until it was time for awards.  That was a perfect chance for 13 of us to run and get some dinner.  It was the perfect break!

This is Jordan, Morgan, Makenzie, Kayla, Saskia, and Taylor

Kayla is the youngest in the group.  All of the other girls are in 6th and 7th grade.  I think there are a couple of 8th graders in their dance group also.  She really enjoys hanging out with these girls.  It is a little hard for me to back off a little and let her be one of the "big" girls.

All of the girls participated in the dance-off this year.  It is a fundraising event that is run kind of like an audition.  You pay $5 to participate.  The girls are taught a short little dance.  Then there are a couple of people who go through the group cutting people.  Kayla got cut right away, but she had a great time.

Then it was time for the awards.  They got Top First for jazz and contemporary, and Elite Top First for hip hop.  Their jazz group placed 5th overall and the hip hop group placed 3rd overall for the intermediate level 9-12 year old large groups.

Kayla got to go accept the award for their jazz routine.

 Saskia and Kayla after awards

The Ovations group

Kayla's friend Libby was also at competition with her studio.

It was a good first competition.  Now, they will start working towards the next competition.

You are not allowed to take pictures or video during the competition.  The have a photographer there and you can purchase pictures and DVDs.  I did go back and get Kayla's DVD of her solo and I bought these two pictures from her dance.

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darlene said...

Love the pictures. She is adorable and way too grown up. :-)