Thursday, February 9, 2012

Talent on Parade - Solo Day

Today was the start of the dance competition season for us.  Our first competition was Talent on Parade in Tulsa.  Kayla did her solo tonight, and I am so glad it is over!  I get so nervous.  She is doing a jazz dance to Putting on the Ritz.

Here she is before her performance

She did a great job.  She got 2nd place in the intermediate level for the 9-10 age group.  She also got a Judge's Choice Award for "Most Ritzy Costume."  The girls in the 10 and under age group from her studio did really well tonight.

Kayla with her teacher, Rachel.
Rachel made up the dance, but we really need to thank Grandma Sue for the endless hours she has put in helping Kayla practice.  Way to go Kayla!

We have 3 group dances still to come on Saturday.  I do not get nearly as nervous about those!

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darlene said...

Great pics of a beautiful girl! I'm sure you are more nervous than Kayla. She always does great and you always survive. :-)