Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break Trip to Texas

On March 16th we headed to Texas for a long weekend.  It was the start of our Spring Break, and it was also when we were celebrating Caleb's birthday.  Friday night we went to Medieval Times.  The girls and I had never been there before.  It was really fun!

When you arrive you are given a crown that matches the color of one of the knights that will be in the show.  We were on the green team  - if that is what you would call it.  Caroline did not want to put it on.  She was already wearing a tiara.  The guy that was passing them out told her that if he had to wear tights, she had to wear the crown.
My sweet girls - they were so excited to be there

The girls with Nanny

Aunt Jenny with Brenner

 Kayla, Carter, and Caleb

A happy girl - her Papa got her a princess toy

Once the performance started, Caroline got really nervous.  She was not a huge fan of the trumpets.  This was just when they were giving a few instructions and trying to divide the groups up to get into the arena.  I was not sure how she was going to feel about the show when it actually started.  Here she is with Papa while the trumpet players were doing their thing.

Papa and Nanny got all of the kids a green flag.  They were able to wave them to cheer on the green knight.

Caroline was fascinated throughout the entire show.  All of the kids really got into it.  (I don't know how to fix the red eye)

The knight comes out and throws out a few carnations into the crowd.  Kayla ended up with one of them.  I don't think I have ever seen her smile so big.

Carter also caught one.  He was so sweet to immediately give the flower to Caroline.

There was constant entertainment during the meal.  Caroline is still talking about how she had to eat with her fingers.  They loved every minute of it!

Saturday morning was Caleb's birthday party at Main Event.  The kids had a great time playing laser tag and video games. 

The rest of the weekend was full of great cousin playtime for the kids and some fun shopping for the moms.


darlene said...

We has so much fun too. We missed Andy but are happy our 3 girls could come to Texas for the weekend.

Jenny said...

Such a fun weekend! You forgot about the shopping spree! The pics are great!