Monday, March 10, 2008


Andy got me tickets to go see Annie for my birthday. We took Kayla to the show yesterday. We had great seats for a wonderful show. It was more like the Disney movie, so there were quite a few different things in it. I have not seen the Disney version yet. I will be renting it soon. Kayla had not seen the movie, so she asked a lot of questions...during the show (which drove me nuts). Her favorite part was a scene where Sandy runs out on the empty stage, sits there for a minute, and then runs off. She is just fascinated with dogs right now. She also really liked Molly. She thought it was neat that Annie was like a mother to her. Kayla will even quote some of the lines that Annie said to Molly. I am just amazed at the talent that so many people have. The kids in this show were amazing. The ten year old that played Annie was able to stay in character and sing her lines, all the while giving hand commands and treats to the dog.
It was a great afternoon. We even ran into Grandma and cousin Nic. That was an extra little treat, except that Kayla then wanted to go and sit with them instead of with us! Thank you Andy for a wonderful birthday. It has been almost a month now. I guess I finally have to stop celebrating.


Darlene said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Live stage presentations are so much fun. Glad you could keep on celebrating your birthday.

Jay D Wyatt said...

Hey Emily, I don't know how yall feel about rescue pups, but this site has some of the cutest puppies. They list new ones each Monday so take a look each week.