Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big News

So, on Saturday while we were enjoying our 11 hour car ride with a screaming Caroline, Andy gave his 2 weeks notice at work. He didn’t want anything posted on the blog until the partners had a chance to announce it to the firm.

He enjoyed his 8 years there and will miss most of his coworkers, but he decided 12.5 years in public accounting was enough. We are very excited about his new job, and the possibility of having him home for supper on a regular basis! He might even have time to mow the lawn during the week…

Now we have to find room to store all the junk he has in his office until he starts at his new place. Andy thinks we should haul it to Jenny’s this weekend.

His last day at his current job will be April 4th. He will start his new job on April 14th. He is taking a week off in between. His second week at his new job will be spent in Las Vegas for a meeting. Not a bad way to start! We are very excited about this next step in our lives.


Darlene said...

We are very excited with the news.

If you haul the "junk" to Jenny's, we can bring it to Cloverland and put in the attic with the "junk" from Jim's office at BU. When Andy is ready for it again, it can return to Sapulpa. :-)

Can't wait to see you all this weekend.

Jenny James said...

We are so excited for all of you! This will be a start to a whole new life for all 4 of you. Maybe Andy can learn to relax and enjoy life!!

Aunt Kathryn said...

Congrats Andy! Do tell...who are you going to work for? And you're moving to TX, right? (wishful thinking)

robynsbowtique said...

I am so happy for Andy. I hope this job proves to be best for you all.