Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Girls

Here are a few random things to post:

1. Kayla made us breakfast this weekend. She was very proud of herself. She did everything from cracking the eggs to actually scrambling them. This was her first time to use the stove. She did a great job and was very proud of herself. It is hard for me to imagine she is old enough to do some of the things she is ready for. I just can't believe she is that grown up. Here is the chef hard at work:

2. Gogurt is totally a finger food. I was not aware of this until I watched Caroline eat it. It was a big, big mess. I am pretty sure she was wearing a lot more of it than she actually ate. The good news is that it does not stain.

3. Caroline likes her B's (that is what she calls her binkies) - maybe even more than Kayla did. Andy got home from work last night around midnight. He always checks on the girls before he goes to bed. When he saw Caroline he just had to take this picture. I love it!

She is actually sleeping with 2 pacifiers in her mouth. I think that is hilarious!


Darlene said...

Kayla and Caroline are adorable. I can't wait to cook with Kayla but you are right, she is so grown up now. Love to you all.

Jenny James said...

Caroline loves those pacis! Those are fun pictures!

Amy said...

Kayla is so grown up now. I'm proud of her. I love those pictures of Caroline. How funny! We are all excited to see you guys next week!