Saturday, August 9, 2008

Finally...some relief

About a week ago, I started having a lot of pressure in my right ear. I felt like my head was going to explode on the inside the pressure was so great. My hearing during this time was not so great. I finally went to the doctor yesterday. He said it was the result of an allergy. Something back behind my eardrum was swollen. This caused air to be trapped behind my eardrum which made my eardrum bulge out a little. It has been a long week for me. It is amazing how miserable ear pain can make you feel. No hearing, lots of dizziness, tons of pressure.

I had to get a steroid shot (he wanted to make sure I was feeling some relief before we get on a plane next week), some allergy meds, and a nasal spray.

I hate to say it, but I think this may have been a result of Elfy. The timing is just too right. I was reading about puggles before we got her. I remember telling Andy that I was a little bit worried about Kayla because puggles are not hypoallergenic dogs. I read that if you have an allergy to other animals, you may very well have an allergy to puggles. Kayla has always had some allergy issues. However, as soon as we got the dog I noticed my neck was red and itchy. The ear problem started while we still had her, and the worst day for me was the day I was in the car with Elfy for 2 1/2 hours. I had every intention of cleaning my van out really well after we delivered Elfy back to Jenny. I never did. The pressure in my head got worse every time I spent much time in the car.

I am finally getting relief from the meds. Andy vacuumed out the van really well last night. Having Elfy was a great experience for all of us. I thought even Kayla learned she was not a dog person, but she is still asking for one. Just not as often. She does miss Elfy though. I learned that I am absolutely not a dog person. I knew I was allergic to cats, and now maybe some dogs too. I am so thankful that we got Elfy and were able to return her. That was so much better than finding all of this out after buying a puppy!

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Jenny James said...

oh, allergic to dogs??!! Well, that probably rules out you get another dog in the future.

Tell Kayla that Elfy misses her!