Monday, August 25, 2008

A Great Day

We all had a great day today. Kayla was very excited that her friends Libby and Mallory got to come over early this morning and ride the bus with her to school. She was the "Student of the Day" in her class today. She got to bring home a giant worksheet which she is having a great time using to play school. Oh the things Caroline has learned today!!

This afternoon Caroline and I got to play with my friend's baby while she went to an appointment. Caroline was so excited when she woke up from her nap and found Baby Cole.

Andy and I bought bikes this weekend. We pretty much hated both of them by Sunday night. We took a piece off of my bike, put the baby seat together, discovered it would not fit on my bike, took a part off of Andy's bike, discovered the seat would not fit on his bike either, bought a different baby seat, put it together, it does not fit on Andy's bike, and surprise, it does not fit on my bike either. I returned my bike this morning. I bought one with no bells and whistles and called my dad for help. (Andy is in Wichita today.) It took a while, but the seat is on. Thank you dad! I know Andy thanks you too! Whoever made the seat never actually attached it to a bike! We went for a ride tonight. Caroline never made a peep, other than the few times she said "Momma - go faster." I think she will like it. It is so much easier than chasing Kayla while pushing Caroline in the stroller.

She really is having a great time!!


Taylor said...

Yea Dad! I'm glad you all have bikes and can go bike riding together. That is a lot of fun.

Tell Kayla congrats on Student of the Day!

Taylor said...

BTW, that post was from Amy, for some reason I was logged in on Taylor!

darlene said...

Sounds like a great day. I love the pictures. Such a big smile on everyone's faces --- riding the bus and riding on the bike. Can't wait to see you all in a few days.

Jenny James said...

Well at least you finally got the seat attached. Wasn't that the whole reason for the bike?? :-) How frustrating! I'm just glad Caroline enjoyed it!

sunni said...

School used to be my favorite thing to play with my little brother:)

Congrats on the bikes, sorry for the long ordeal though.

Brandy said...

Caroline looks so cute! And congrats to Miss Student of the Day.