Friday, August 1, 2008

Dog Walking

Andy took the three kids out for a walk last night so that I could have a moment alone without a kid hollering my name or a dog licking my leg. It was wonderful.

At the end of the walk he called me and said he finally figured out a way that he did not have to push the stroller and pull on Elfy...

I know this is another sideways movie clip and I apologize. I guess I turned my camera when I took this. I need to work on that!

My memory card was full so the clip got cut short. Elfy really picked up some speed going down that hill and ran Caroline right into the curb. It was really funny. Andy was still pushing the stroller until I came out with the camera. Elfy was not doing all of the work.
Speaking of Elfy...she is a good dog. I am really glad we took her from Jenny and Steve, but I will be even happier on Monday when we return her. This really has been a good thing. Kayla and I both learned that we are not dog people. I just don't care for them, and she thinks they stink. Our house is not anywhere big enough for an inside dog of her size. I am alot happier now that I found a way to keep her out of my living room and off of my furniture. I get the front room, and she gets the hallway, kitchen and outside. We are doing really well with this arrangement. I am still looking forward to Monday though!
I told Jenny that I found a really good and loving home for her if they decide not to keep her. Joel and Christy (mostly Christy) would love to have her in the spring. They already love dogs and they have a beagle. Elfy might like having another dog around.


Aunt Kathryn said...

LOL! You are a very wise mommy to do this little trial run with Elfy. Maybe this is Elfy's purpose in life. Thanks for the update.

sunni said...

:) I love the video. I'm sure Elfy had a fun time in OK.

darlene said...

It's been a good experience for everyone. Better to keep Elfy for a week and learn what you want and don't want than buy a dog and then learn.

Love the video -- obviously everyone was having fun.

Jenny James said...

That video is hysterical! I know Elfy is loving every bit of it- she loves being outside!

Tell her I can't wait to see her on Monday. I'm glad the trial run helped to solidify your feelings on wanting a dog.