Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Keystone Lake

We had a great night on Monday. We met the GAG's out at Keystone lake for dinner. They are there for a little family gathering and they were nice enough to invite us to join them. It was so good to see everyone. It is not very often we get to see people in our neck of the woods. It was only about 20 or 25 minutes away.

They said Drew and John David had made a hundred trips back and forth between their cabins, and last night was no exception. Our kids joined right in.

We had a good dinner, and then George started a fire and everyone made smores.

The smores were a hit with the kids of all ages.

It was a like a little vacation on a Monday night. Thanks to the GAG clan for the invitation. We had a great time!


Jenny James said...

So fun! And to actually see family so close- what a bonus! I'm sure the four kids enjoyed having each other to play with!

Aunt Kathryn said...

Who was watching the dog while you were gone?

Emily and Andy said...

oh, don't get me started on the dog. Sorry, Jenny, but she and I are not the best of friends. Elfy came to us with this wonderful crate. That was where she stayed while we were gone. I will post more on Elfy later.

Aunt Kathryn said...

Sorry, didnt mean to bring up a sore subject. I saw a dog in the pictures and it made me think of Elfy. Looking forward to the blog!

darlene said...

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. I'm glad you all could spend time with the GAG family. Loved seeing the pictures of everyone.

G said...

It was great seeing the Gorham's of Sapulpa. We had a great time visiting and watching the kids play.