Monday, July 28, 2008

More Puppy Talk

Kayla has had this chart on her chalkboard before, but it reappeared last week.
There is a no on one end and a yes on the other. Kayla and Caroline are on the yes end, and D (dad) and M (mom) are in the middle. Andy shocked all of us on Saturday morning by moving the D and the M to the yes end of the chart. I was at a scrapbooking retreat all weekend. When I came home this is what I found:

This dog, Elfy, comes on loan to us from Aunt Jenny. I knew they were trying to find her a new home. Andy and I had been talking about it. We both agreed we should probably just try it. Otherwise, he and I would discuss it forever and Kayla would never get a dog. I just did not know he had made arrangements to meet his sister this weekend.

I said that she is on loan. I explained to Kayla this monring that we were going to try it out, but she may have to go back to Aunt Jenny. I am just not sure that I am a dog person. Do you ever get used to the smell? And I am not sure that our house is big enough for her. She is much bigger in this little house than she was at Aunt Jenny's house. Jenny said to give it a week to ten days, so that is what I will do. I promise I will try my best Jenny! Wish us all luck.


Amy and Steve said...

Congratulations! I hope she works out for you!

sunni said...

Once she settles down a bit, she'll be easy. She just needs lots of outdoor play time. Also, Febreze works great for the smell:) Good Luck!!

darlene said...

She can also spend time outdoors. As Sunni said, she needs lots of play time and it can be outside.

Jenny James said...

Yes, Febreze... that's what we use. I should have packed that in the box. Give it a good honest week and then we'll reevaluate. She is a good dog!!

Steve Bezner said...

Your in-law is obviously familiar with the "Puppy Dog Close" technique. It works very well, so you get used to the smell, I'm sure it will grow on you. :-)